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Our college Calcutta Institute of Technology is established in 2004. After that it has been nurtuerd as a new born baby. It faced many challenges and after many ups and downs it has finally established itself as a great Banyan tree.

During these ups and downs it got the oppourtunity to be a COE of IBM at 2009.So at that down to dust it still have the honour to be a COE of IBM due to the great effort of management,faculties & students.
COE stands for Center Of Excellence, it is an IBM Academic Initiative Program conducted by IBM itself to all over India.

The main goal of IBM Academic Initiative is Orchestrating Excellence in Higher Technical and Buisness Education, which is Providing In demand skills for an On Demand World.

There is a dedicated IBM lab on-campus where students and faculty are trained on latest technologies based on industry-demands of IBM. These trainings are conducted by the experts who are provided by IBM itself. Students and Faculty members are then exposed to certification exams for the technologies they are trained in. We are proud to share that more than 200 CITians are IBM Certified.
Our Ability:
    Couse of Study
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Whats NEW ?

  • RFT Training Dated 16th of August to 19th of August
  • IBM FDP Program Dated 20th of August to 23rd of Aujust venue CIT.

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