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Approved by Directorate of Higher Education Govt. of West Bengal & AICTE, New Dehi

Affiliated to West Bengal University of Technology

Computer Sc. & Engg.

Perhaps one of the fastest growing sectors in today's industry is the Computer Science with a wide exposure to the wireless race. In order to keep up with the trace, our college prepares a set of software professionals capable of meeting the requirements of the future. The diverse developments in computer technology, communication explosion and the Internet are bound to make a marked change in our life in the coming years. The potential of computer technology needs no emphasis. It comes under the scheme of modernization and removal of obsolescence. To meet the challenges of the Information Revolution, with insight into upcoming trends tries to meet the requirements of this changing global scenario.

The courses are designed with a focus on innovation and leadership as required by industries of India and world. Core subjects such as Theory of computation, computer organization & design, hardware system design, software engineering, operating system, computer networks, compiler design, Internet technology, mobile communication systems, graphics & multimedia, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic commerce etc. The faculty includes experts with experience in academic and research.

The department has fully wired, automated laboratory, state of art of learning tools, advanced computing infrastructure with world class software environment and development tools which satisfies the benchmarks in high end IT education.

The mission of the department is to prepare emerging Computer Professionals capable of meeting the requirements of present and future with concept oriented subject knowledge supplemented on practical orientation to face the challenges of the modern industry.

Vision Statement

To move forward, continually, putting our best foot forward towards a glowing horizon of ultimate cognizence. Pioneering the cause of quality education in the cream branch of engineering, the department of CSE , churns out highly talented and capable engineers year after year, who prove their capabilities and make the institution proud. To strive towards excellence and betterment characterized by growth and development........

Not to merge but to emerge from the masses with a distinct identity as the most dependable and valued home for quality education.

Mission Statement

The department of CSE intends to increase the technical and personal skills of the students manifold and produce citizens with a well balanced personality. Instilling values along with imparting knowledge to give out industry ready individuals is what we aspire to achieve. We aim to increase resources for the utilization of the students and create a very conductive environment where are at ease and minds flourish.

To take the department and the institution to heights, unseen and unimagined before.

Programming Lab-I

The well-equipped air-conditioned lab is having P-IV computers backed by excellent networking facilities such as cat5 cabling with high-speed switches. The experiments are conducted on Design of data structures and RDBMS etc.

Programming Lab-2

This air-conditioned lab is equipped with P-IV HCL computers interconnected by authorized version of operating systems, tool kits of 8085/8086 microprocessors. The experiments are conducted on low-level assembly language programming and embedded systems.

Students also get exposure to micro controller based programming concepts using KEIL programmer KIT, with 8085C micro controller and DM software with computer system.

Advanced Programming Lab-3

The Advance Programming Lab has latest configured P-IV based computer systems connected with high speed switches for high end data base Servers and visual programming using VB.NET environment with Multimedia setup.

Advanced Programming Lab-4

This lab has latest configured WIPRO P-IV based computer systems connected with multiple operating systems. This lab is used for experiments in the operating systems and Network security.

Server Room

Computers of all laboratories are interconnected and served by high-end servers with a backbone of HP gigabyte contained racks of switches. The server room also has three 10 KVA On IineTATA Liebert UPS.

Net Zone

NET ZONE is designed to cater Internet facility for 30 users at any time continuously for 12 Hrs a day. The lab facilitates for a pleasant environment of browsing. WIPRO P-IV systems are connected to 8mbps BSNL Broad Band Service.